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Welcome, or How Kiki's Delivery Service Taught Me About Emotional Logic

Um hi hello and welcome to this blog that I made. I plan to talk about things that scare or bother me, which is everything all the time, but for your sake I will limit my posts here to the subjects of books, movies, other storytelling media, and possibly current events. I won't post often. I will undoubtedly make changes to the blog and to the style of my posts as I continue to maintain this site. For now, let's just talk a little about a really good movie about a 13-year-old witch girl named Kiki. Hayao Miyazaki is rightfully one of the most celebrated Japanese filmmakers alive today, but young adult fans like myself can have a tendency to focus on his more violent, adult-oriented films. For most of my teens and early twenties my friends who were Miyazaki fans and I reserved most of our praise for Princess Mononoke , a movie in which a guy shoots an arrow from a longbow so powerfully that it takes both his target's arms off at the elbow. (There used to be a link