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On Trying to Be Emo/Not Trying to Be Emo Anymore

I have an unusual relationship with music. For a period of several years in my twenties, I didn't have any friends I could talk about music with. So it became something I listened to alone, mostly in my car. It was more of a companion than a set dressing. And as a result, I started to engage in a very specific, personal way with the songs I chose to listen to. To this day, I'm big into narrative and theme when it comes to music. That doesn't mean I only like songs if I think the lyrics are good. It just means that if I do like a song, I'm probably going to listen to its lyrics, and think about what kind of message they convey. Which brings me to Say Anything, a band I've always had mixed feelings about but have to admit, when you get right down to it, have produced some of my absolute favorite songs. Max Bemis has a real knack for melody, and Say Anything songs often feature a kind of instrumental excess that rewards someone paying close attention to them (hi). Di