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I'm Really Glad I Have a Friend Like Betty Who

Hello, everyone. I sold a short story, for actual money, and it's going to be published in a book that's coming out in August. The book is called Lost Films  and you can pre-order it  here  and I'll probably figure out how to make a page you can go to on this blog that has a list of my publications. I also recently started working at a job that isn't retail and is something I actually want to do at all. So things have been going well for me recently. Let's talk about Betty Who. Betty Who is an Australian pop singer who I first heard while working at Bloomingdale's, the most retail of all the retail jobs I've worked. Most of the time it's a curse to listen to the music they play in the store where you work forty (or more) hours a week, so when a song I didn't hate came on I tried to make the most of it. And Betty Who's songs kinda made me want to dance, so I memorized a lyric or two and looked her up. I thought she might have some fun catchy son