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I'm a Writer Now

Hello! This is my old blog where I wrote a few things, mostly about pop culture, so that I would have...clips? Really not entirely sure what was going on there, honestly. I was pretty young. Now that I'm a little older I'm not totally sure what to do with this website, but for now I made a "publications" page--link both at the top of the home page and on the left sidebar as well--so you can see where my short stories have appeared. Basically now that I'm going to have more than one short story available for the general public I figured I should get one of these up. I always appreciate it when I read a short story and can easily track down the author's publishing history online.  In the future, I probably won't include short story publications on the list until they're already available, but this one is kind of a big deal (my second-ever paid publication and my first-ever "pro sale" to a science fiction or fantasy magazine, which is a concept