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Story Notes on "To My (Final) Girl"

Others will properly eulogize the demise of the personal blog as a thing anyone reads, but I'll admit I find the current state of affairs to be something of a personal advantage. Here's a place that is technically available if anyone is curious about my writing and wants to read about it, but which doesn't involve me putting something in front of all my online connections and inviting judgment or dismissal. Sort of nice. With that in mind, here are some notes on my first-ever "professional-level"* fiction publication, a short-short story called "To My (Final) Girl," which is now online at Fantasy Magazine:  To My (Final) Girl - Fantasy Magazine ( . At Fantasy and its sister publications, the authors of the "full-length" short stories get little author interviews, but the "flash fiction" (stories of 1,000 words or less) and poetry authors don't, so here's the rough equivalent, in case, somehow, anyone wants